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Friday, August 17, 2012

Reiki Scam? BAD. Reiki Studio? GOOD!

Whew! What a week! It started out with me almost getting scammed by a couponing company who pretended to be interviewing me to be THE Reiki practitioner for the local VA hospital's medical staff benefits program. It wasn't until after the "interview" that they asked me for $200 up front and $40/month after that to advertise my Reiki practice on their website. Wow. Trying to scam Reiki practitioners is preeeeetty low.

But, there was a silver lining. When I actually believed for a hot minute that the VA hospital wanted lil' ol' me to be their on-call Reiki Master, I called up my amazingly fabulous contractor and scheduled the finishing touches on my studio renovation for the very next day. I needed that studio to be ready for the masses of clients I was about to receive!

So... womp wommmmmp... the VA hospital opportunity was a fake. But! I have faith that the universe had other reasons to nudge me over the line into readiness with my studio. Bring on the masses!!!! :)

And let's not forget CLASSES! I now have a perfect spot to teach and gather with folks interested in Reiki. I intend to start up an Asheville Reiki circle very soon, and will also be announcing a class schedule and starting to brainstorm about other spiritual workshops that I will be offering to the community in this lovely new space. Please get in touch with me if you'd like to stay in the loop for any or all of the above.

In the meantime, as promised, here are pics of my new space! Next stop... decorating:)

Live in the Light!


This is the door to my Blue Mountain Reiki studio. I love that the first image I took of it was "accidentally" (serendipitously!) overexposed. The Love and Light shining from this place just had to be seen:)

~ Entrance to Blue Mountain Reiki ~

Come on in! :)

I took out all the old, crumbly, cardboard drop-ceiling panels and replaced them with nice white vinyl ones. My contractor also donated some recessed lighting from the unwanted leftovers of another job, so now the ceiling doesn't have lonely light bulbs poking out of it anymore. Bonus!
The floor used to be old carpet on top of chipped up tiles. I ripped up the carpet and had self-leveling concrete poured over the entire mess of broken flooring. The blue paint was the final touch. I love it! :)

This is looking back towards the entrance. The studio has two windows, one on each of the main walls, and they let in a nice amount of light.

The bathroom is around the corner from the entrance (you can see the closed door just left of center in the photo). It has a brand new door, brand new ceiling, and brand new toilet.
Hard to get a good shot of the bathroom, but there's that new toilet! Yay for toilets that flush! Ha;)

This is the super-sturdy solid wood door that now exists between my studio and my laundry room. This fabulous door is what officially makes my studio its own, separate space. Pretty cool!

Look! It's me! In my new studio! AHHHHHH!!!!!! :)