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Take a moment to read about the experiences some of my clients have shared here. To schedule a session with me, please visit my Order Classes & Sessions page. 

"I had never experienced Reiki prior to my first session with Haley, so I really didn’t know what to expect. I had lived with considerable pain in my toes for over two years due to a botched surgery involving the three middle toes on both feet. I had already tried months of physical therapy, a year of weekly Bowen Technique sessions, daily doses of 800mg ibuprofen tablets coupled with intermittent Demerol and Vicoden (IC Hydrocodne 5-500), several injections of cortisone into my feet, a high-dose prescription of prescribed steroids, and orthotics (the surgery was to have eliminated the necessity for this).  Nothing seemed to offer lasting relief – until my first Reiki session.  

Throughout the session itself, my job was painless and easy. While several healing techniques I had previously tried involved painful manipulation of my feet and toes, my job throughout the Reiki treatment was to simply relax (in my favorite chair no less) and answer a few simple questions about the location and nature of my pain. Haley did the rest. I closed my eyes and simply flowed with the process.  

I remember at one point I felt the sensation of Haley’s hands gently cradling my damaged toes. The touch felt gentle, loving and healing. I was surprised, therefore, to hear her hands rubbing together at that same moment. Obviously she could not be rubbing her hands together AND cradling my feet at the same time. I opened my eyes to see that the sensation of my toes being cradled was a sensation of energy rather than of any physical touch. I thought this was a bit odd (also pretty cool). I closed my eyes again as Haley continued the Reiki work.  

In the two weeks since that day, my feet have felt the best they have felt in two years.  My right foot has been almost completely free of pain (this is the foot that had been the most problematic and where Haley had focused the majority of her attention). My left foot feels improved yet still troublesome at times. I assure you, I will not hesitate to continue treatment. I am grateful for the relief I have received. While still not understanding how/why Reiki works exactly, I am nonetheless most grateful for the relief. Thank you, Haley."  

-- C.P., In-person Reiki treatment


"I recently suffered an unexpected loss of my dear, sweet dog. It left me completely broken down. All I could focus on was the pain and suffering of the loss. I asked Haley if she would come over to my house and do Reiki on me to help me find some peace with the situation. It was a success. So much so, in fact, that we also went to the spot where it happened (which I thought would be impossible for me to do) and she did Reiki on the spot as well, allowing me to realize that all the wonderful, powerful, loving moments I shared with my dog measure far more than one spot of pain and negativity. And from that night forward I have kept that attitude. Haley's touch and kindness is something we need more of in today's world. She really truly cares and uses that energy to show others they can get through such loss and sadness. I will forever be grateful for her services and highly recommend Haley for anyone who is experiencing grief of a lost love one. It's truly amazing to be enlightened to know the positive will always overcome the negative." 

-- T.M., Spirit Session, Grief Transmutation ceremony 


"My Reiki session was focused on two specific areas of pain, both of which continue to feel improvement weeks and weeks later. The bonus effects for me, however, were multiple. First of all, my overall energy level has improved dramatically after a single session with this gentle and perceptive practitioner. Secondly, I received some unexpected revelations during the session, including a “body wisdom” message about the draining of my energy, and a personal spiritual experience during the session that was so profound, it left me in tears. The overall experience rekindled my historical practice of keeping in touch with my body energy. I highly recommend you give it a try."  

-- G.P., In-person Reiki treatment 


Having never experienced Reiki before, I really didn't know what to expect. I was feeling very stressed and needed some energy work. At the time I was contracting with a company that was either going to hire me or let me go when my contract was over. I knew they would hire me if a position opened up, but there were budgetary issues, which made me uncomfortable with the entire situation. I was told that if they were going to hire me it wouldn't be for another 5 months.

I told Haley that I wanted to send Reiki towards the situation. This was a distance Reiki session, many states away, and I felt the energy during the treatment. On the second and third night I felt very energized. It was a great feeling.

I noticed immediately that I was being seen differently at work. I felt more confident and less stressed. One month later I was offered a full-time position there – 4 months earlier than what I was told.

I truly feel that Haley's work helped me with this opportunity. She truly cares and has a lot of positive energy to share. I have recommended Haley in the past and will continue to recommend her for her Reiki work.

-- C.O., Distance Reiki treatment


"During my first trimester, I was having a lot of trouble sleeping and I asked Haley if she might try some distance Reiki on me. During the week, there were some signs of improvement. I actually slept deep enough to dream. I was also trying new nighttime routines to help my situation such as hot bath, night time tea, reading, soft music, etc., and Reiki was just one more thing I added in. I felt calmer knowing that someone was thinking of me and caring about what I was going through."  

-- D.F., Distance Reiki treatment