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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Reiki for Gratitude

In this time of giving thanks, I want to take a moment to offer Reiki and send my gratitude out into the universe...

(c) Haley Steinhardt
I am grateful for my life, for all the lessons and all the moments, even the difficult ones, that have allowed me to be here, now, in THIS moment. Thank you, God.

I am grateful for my path, for the steady way it continues to unfold before me, even when I cannot see what's around the next turn. Thank you, Creator.

I am grateful for the Love in my heart, for the ways in which I have learned, slowly but surely, to open my heart more and more, and to feel the power of Love merging and resonating with the deepest parts of my being. Thank you, Source of all Love.

I am grateful for the Light that shines into and from my being always, even on the darkest days, cleansing and clearing me so that I may be an instrument in shining that Light for others. Thank you, Great Spirit.

I am grateful for my family, those who I have chosen as my clan and those who have chosen me, those whose blood runs in my veins and mine in theirs, and those kindred spirits of my soul brothers and sisters. Thank you, Great Oneness, for this immense gift.

I am grateful for the food, water, air, clothing, shelter, mobility, and opportunities for growth and success in my life. The blessing of having these needs met allows me to open my heart even more and step more fully into becoming the best self I can be to honor the Love and Light that brought me into being. Thank you, Sacred Heart, for this and all my many blessings.

I commit myself to serving the Light and walking the path to my highest purpose, for myself, for my earthly family, and for all beings.

I send Reiki to each and every gratitude, and to the endless grateful moments I have known and will know and do know in THIS moment.

I send Reiki to each of you who wish to receive it, shining Light from my heart with the intention that the Light touch each of your hearts and each of your lives.

We are Love.

And so it is!



Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reiki Teachings for a Reiki Teacher

The Reiki path is one that continues to transform my life on a daily basis. I was recently invited to take a Reiki Master class with world-renowned Reiki expert and pioneer William Rand at his home studio at the International Center for Reiki Training in Southfield, MI. This, my most recent student experience, which came so perfectly about two weeks before my own first teaching, was deeply transformational for me.

Me with William Rand at his Master Class in Southfield, MI

Becoming a Reiki Master Teacher has been a goal of mine since my very first Reiki class almost two years ago. The moment it clicked with me that, yes, this joyful, heart-centered practice was the connection with the universe I had been seeking, I knew that I wanted to embrace it with my whole self and share it with others. That said, the path to becoming a Reiki Master Teacher has not always been easy.

In the small community of Asheville, NC, there are several Reiki practitioners. And to me, this is an exciting, invigorating, and beautiful thing. But, I have found that not all practitioners feel this way. Some Reiki people think that there won't be enough students or clients to go around. They energetically and verbally discourage other Reiki folks in the community from setting up their practice; they put down those who are already in practice; they express frustration at the prospect of other Reiki people moving to our community and taking their business. As a fairly new member of the Reiki community, I have felt particularly challenged by this, especially since my first mentor and teacher was also the first to reveal this more competitive side of Reiki to me. Ouch.

To me, Reiki is the energy of Love and Light, and I have trouble understanding why and how "the business of Reiki" could take precedence to anyone over the essence of what Reiki is. Enter my class with William Rand: I asked him about this very issue, curious to hear his thoughts. He shared with me a crucial yet simple lesson about The Law of Abundance.

In another southern community in Tennessee a few years back, he told me, there were two women who were the main Reiki people in the area. One of the women would print up her brochures and place them in various locations around town, only to come back in the days after and find her brochures were gone and the other woman's were there in their place! Without assuming foul play, the woman emailed the other practitioner, introducing herself and suggesting that she may want to be careful about where she was placing her fliers, as someone had been taking them. She also went on to tell the woman that she believed in The Law of Abundance, and wished her well.

She didn't hear back on her email for months, but when she did, the other practitioner wrote her to say, "Tell me more about this Law of Abundance thing." Wow! From there, the two women went on to create a shared student database, seeking out and inviting other local practitioners to do the same. Before long, they had a large group of practitioners sharing in the database, and all of them were getting more students and clients than ever before... NOT LESS!

What a beautiful story! William also noted that, though it is sad when others act competitively with Reiki (perhaps especially sad when it is one's mentor), all we can do is release their actions completely from us. I have sent a lot of Reiki to this issue, and am feeling brighter and happier and more grounded than ever! Ahhhh... :)


It is one of my goals to bring the Asheville Reiki community closer by hosting Reiki events and building rapport. (I will add a link here to the Meetup page once I create it.) If you are an Asheville-area Reiki practitioner and you wish to be involved in any of these upcoming events, please feel free to contact me! I believe in the Law of Abundance, and beyond that, I believe in the power of Love and Light to transform our realities. My immense gratitude to the source of Love and Light for leading me to Reiki, and for the gentle healing that Reiki unfolds in everyone it touches... that gratitude is without measure. And from that heart space, I extend my hand to you...