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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Honor YOUR Shift with Reiki

It's eclipse season! The shift is in full swing, calling us to step up to the proverbial plate and live our Truth. I have found Reiki to be an ideal tool for both helping us undergo the healing we know we're ready for, as well as helping to prepare us to be ready for that deeper healing that we need, but might not feel quite ready for!

Reiki never fails to surprise me with the depth and power of its gentle healing. Along my own path, I have had certain life struggles... certain aspects of myself that I have long wanted to change, things I wished could just be different for me. But there is a big difference between wanting something to change, wanting for it to be different, and actually being ready to embody that change and that growth! Reiki helped me get there, helped me shift from the wanting to the place of readiness.

I am still healing; I am still growing. There is a reason that I hold "Healing is a Way of Life" as the mantra for my practice! This is my journey, and I am honored to serve our world community as a mirror, a sacred reflection, a witness, an amplifier for that collective while I, myself, travel ever more deeply into my own healing.

That is the beauty of Reiki; we who serve as that sacred hollow bone for the Reiki to flow through are also healed, ourselves, even as the healing passes through us to another! WOW. My gratitude for this joyful way is eternal.

.          .          .

I invite you to consider complementing your own healing journey with some Reiki classwork and/or a Reiki session. Please remember that all sessions at Blue Mountain Reiki are by donation, and you can check out our upcoming classes and events on this page! :)

Happy shifting,