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Friday, April 11, 2014

Susan Gale Returns to WNC

I am thrilled to announce that my friend and mentor, Susan Gale from A Place of Light, is returning to WNC to offer teachings about healing through walking in balance with our Earth Mother. Please check out the announcement below!


Susan Gale on the land at A Place of Light

Hello, dear ones. I am writing to share with you another opportunity to sit with my dear mentor, Susan Gale, and learn (and for some of you, learn MORE!) about walking one's spiritual path in balance with Mother Earth.

This workshop will be a little different than previous ones, as it will be held at a beautiful mountain retreat called The Heart CenterThe Heart Center is the perfect setting for all to immerse themselves in nature's bounty while receiving these teachings. 

Dates are FRI evening JUNE 6, 2014 through SUN JUNE 8, 2014. Participants will leave the center for home on Monday morning June 9th.

Cost for the workshop is $450, which includes:
  • $300 class fee for SAT and SUN all-day teachings
  • $150 for three nights lodging at The Heart Center (FRI 6/6, SAT 6/7, and SUN 6/8); please note that people will be sharing rooms (details to be sorted out as RSVPs come in)
  • Two delicious organic meals and one snack per day are included (please note if you are vegetarian, which is easily accommodated)
  • Access to all the facilities in your down time, including a labyrinth, tennis courts, gymnasium, and endless forest for you to explore
In addition to working with Susan for about 8 years now, I have taken two of her previous workshops with these teachings, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Her friendship and mentorship have changed my life, and I am thrilled to have another chance to support her in sharing these teachings with our local community. I hope you can make it!

Please review more workshop details below, and email me with any questions.

Space is limited, so please RSVP as soon as possible to confirm your spot. A deposit of $225 will hold your space.



  • Who -- Susan Gale, a spiritual elder (herself non-native) who was taught by a Navajo shaman chosen by his people and initiated into shamanism at age 6, and who has given Susan permission to teach these ways. (Susan would say, "I'm not a shaman! No person can call themselves a shaman or medicine man/woman. Only the people can call them this.")
  • What -- An intensive and experiential study of how to walk in balance with Mother Earth (see more complete description from Susan below)
  • When -- JUNE 6 - 8, 2014; Friday arrival; class on Saturday and Sunday from 10am ~ 5pm with an hour break for lunch.
  • Where -- The Heart Center in Robbinsville, NC
  • Why -- To deepen your own spiritual quest/knowledge/understanding; to take another step along your healing path
  • How -- With Love and Integrity

COST: The cost for the full weekend (including workshop, room, and board) is $450. You may set your intention to be there by submitting 1/2 of the fee--$225. The remaining half can be brought with you on the first day of class.

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This will be an intense seminar where participants can learn about healing through being connected with Mother Earth. 
Some of the topics that will be covered are
  • using the medicine of plants, stones, feathers and other tools for healing
  • being able to read the energy of the body
  • coming to an understanding of how your energy interacts with the energy of different medicines
  • identifying strategies for various physical and emotional situations that are encountered
  • coming to an understanding of your own effect upon the process

Participants may wish to bring feathers, stones, rattles, drums that they may own and have prepared for spiritual use.

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If you are called to join us for this retreat, please get in touch! :)

Blessings and thanks,


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Reiki Article Translated to Ukrainian!

Special thanks to Reiki colleague Vladyslav Makaruk from Ukraine who has just translated my "Can Reiki Cause Harm?"article into Ukrainian! It is exciting to be able to share thoughts on this important topic with people all over the planet. Earlier this year, another of my Reiki News Magazine articles entitled "Reiki and Intuition" was also published in Italian by the lovely folks at Cascina Rosso.

Sending Reiki blessings and much gratitude to all who have come together to share these Reiki words.

...and here's some capybara love for your day, just because. :)