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How Does Distance Reiki Work?

The effects of distance Reiki can be just as profound as those from an in-person Reiki treatment. Often, I work on your energetic field as if you were right there in the room with me. This may sound a bit "hocus pocus" to some, but I assure you, the results are very real.

One way to offer context to this practice is to think of the distance Reiki energy being sent to you as "Wi-Fi Reiki!" Many of us spend hours a day sending and receiving information via energy waves. Is it so hard to imagine that energy is also transmitted and received by our bodies?

For those of you that identify with some form of spirituality, you may think about distance Reiki as akin to the power of prayer. When you and I are both focused on a goal for your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual well being, the universe responds. My job as a Reiki practitioner is to serve as an instrument for this beautiful energy to be directed to you!


I offer several different options for distance Reiki.

Traditional Distance Reiki: This option does not require you to set aside a specific time to meet with me. Once we have established your goals and the day or days that I will be sending you Reiki, all you need to do is go about your life and observe any changes that may come up related to the issue we are working on. (And of course, you may choose to sit in meditation on the day or days I am sending to you if you feel called to. This need not be at the same time as when I send Reiki, as this energy in not bound by time!) I will reach out to you the day or two after our session is complete to check in. And of course, at any time before, during, or after our sessions, you can always feel free to contact me with questions or observations.

Phone or Skype Distance Reiki Treatments: This distance work is the closest thing to an in-person session. We begin by discussing what goal or issue you would like the Reiki sent to, then proceed to share a session together across time and space! :)

Reiki Prayer Box: I also offer distance Reiki through the use of a prayer box. As many of you may be aware, stones are amazing energy conductors. When you select this option, I will write your name and your goal on a piece of paper and place it into my Reiki prayer box under a huge crystal that I charge up with Reiki energy. (If you have several goals you would like Reiki sent to, I ask that you reserve a separate goal sheet for each.) I charge up the crystal, asking that your goal be manifested if it be possible in Love and Light for your highest purpose (all that we can ever ask!). After I charge up the crystal, it continues to conduct Reiki energy out into the universe for 24 hours--a whole day of continuous Reiki energy being sent to you! I will keep your goal in my prayer box for one week.

Reiki Blast!: Sometimes, we all just need a boost. Maybe you feel like you're fighting off a bug, or you've got a big presentation coming up at work. Maybe you're interviewing for a new job, or you're just having a tough day.

Reiki Blast to the rescue! :) I will spend a few minutes focusing an intense burst of Reiki energy in your direction to help clear the energy surrounding your issue and help things move in the direction of your highest purpose.

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