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Friday, December 21, 2012

And So It Begins...

At 11:11 GMT today, the moment of perhaps the most anticipated solstice of modern times came to pass. And so it begins. Here we are, at the dawn of the rest of our lives. People will die today. People will be born today. People will live and love and feel every range of emotions today. In many ways, it is no different than any other day. And yet, it is a new day. It is a chance for each and every one of us to take pause and reflect upon the path that is unfurling before us. No need to look back. What matters is where you want to go from right here, right now.

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't change. Don't let anyone's expectations or assumptions box you in. You are not the sum of the opinions of others. You are a unique spark, shining brightly even in the storm. You have the power to become. You have the Light of all lights within you! You are sacred! Yes, you!!!

So take this moment... take this breath... and BECOME.


(c) Haley Steinhardt

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Reiki for Gratitude

In this time of giving thanks, I want to take a moment to offer Reiki and send my gratitude out into the universe...

(c) Haley Steinhardt
I am grateful for my life, for all the lessons and all the moments, even the difficult ones, that have allowed me to be here, now, in THIS moment. Thank you, God.

I am grateful for my path, for the steady way it continues to unfold before me, even when I cannot see what's around the next turn. Thank you, Creator.

I am grateful for the Love in my heart, for the ways in which I have learned, slowly but surely, to open my heart more and more, and to feel the power of Love merging and resonating with the deepest parts of my being. Thank you, Source of all Love.

I am grateful for the Light that shines into and from my being always, even on the darkest days, cleansing and clearing me so that I may be an instrument in shining that Light for others. Thank you, Great Spirit.

I am grateful for my family, those who I have chosen as my clan and those who have chosen me, those whose blood runs in my veins and mine in theirs, and those kindred spirits of my soul brothers and sisters. Thank you, Great Oneness, for this immense gift.

I am grateful for the food, water, air, clothing, shelter, mobility, and opportunities for growth and success in my life. The blessing of having these needs met allows me to open my heart even more and step more fully into becoming the best self I can be to honor the Love and Light that brought me into being. Thank you, Sacred Heart, for this and all my many blessings.

I commit myself to serving the Light and walking the path to my highest purpose, for myself, for my earthly family, and for all beings.

I send Reiki to each and every gratitude, and to the endless grateful moments I have known and will know and do know in THIS moment.

I send Reiki to each of you who wish to receive it, shining Light from my heart with the intention that the Light touch each of your hearts and each of your lives.

We are Love.

And so it is!



Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reiki Teachings for a Reiki Teacher

The Reiki path is one that continues to transform my life on a daily basis. I was recently invited to take a Reiki Master class with world-renowned Reiki expert and pioneer William Rand at his home studio at the International Center for Reiki Training in Southfield, MI. This, my most recent student experience, which came so perfectly about two weeks before my own first teaching, was deeply transformational for me.

Me with William Rand at his Master Class in Southfield, MI

Becoming a Reiki Master Teacher has been a goal of mine since my very first Reiki class almost two years ago. The moment it clicked with me that, yes, this joyful, heart-centered practice was the connection with the universe I had been seeking, I knew that I wanted to embrace it with my whole self and share it with others. That said, the path to becoming a Reiki Master Teacher has not always been easy.

In the small community of Asheville, NC, there are several Reiki practitioners. And to me, this is an exciting, invigorating, and beautiful thing. But, I have found that not all practitioners feel this way. Some Reiki people think that there won't be enough students or clients to go around. They energetically and verbally discourage other Reiki folks in the community from setting up their practice; they put down those who are already in practice; they express frustration at the prospect of other Reiki people moving to our community and taking their business. As a fairly new member of the Reiki community, I have felt particularly challenged by this, especially since my first mentor and teacher was also the first to reveal this more competitive side of Reiki to me. Ouch.

To me, Reiki is the energy of Love and Light, and I have trouble understanding why and how "the business of Reiki" could take precedence to anyone over the essence of what Reiki is. Enter my class with William Rand: I asked him about this very issue, curious to hear his thoughts. He shared with me a crucial yet simple lesson about The Law of Abundance.

In another southern community in Tennessee a few years back, he told me, there were two women who were the main Reiki people in the area. One of the women would print up her brochures and place them in various locations around town, only to come back in the days after and find her brochures were gone and the other woman's were there in their place! Without assuming foul play, the woman emailed the other practitioner, introducing herself and suggesting that she may want to be careful about where she was placing her fliers, as someone had been taking them. She also went on to tell the woman that she believed in The Law of Abundance, and wished her well.

She didn't hear back on her email for months, but when she did, the other practitioner wrote her to say, "Tell me more about this Law of Abundance thing." Wow! From there, the two women went on to create a shared student database, seeking out and inviting other local practitioners to do the same. Before long, they had a large group of practitioners sharing in the database, and all of them were getting more students and clients than ever before... NOT LESS!

What a beautiful story! William also noted that, though it is sad when others act competitively with Reiki (perhaps especially sad when it is one's mentor), all we can do is release their actions completely from us. I have sent a lot of Reiki to this issue, and am feeling brighter and happier and more grounded than ever! Ahhhh... :)


It is one of my goals to bring the Asheville Reiki community closer by hosting Reiki events and building rapport. (I will add a link here to the Meetup page once I create it.) If you are an Asheville-area Reiki practitioner and you wish to be involved in any of these upcoming events, please feel free to contact me! I believe in the Law of Abundance, and beyond that, I believe in the power of Love and Light to transform our realities. My immense gratitude to the source of Love and Light for leading me to Reiki, and for the gentle healing that Reiki unfolds in everyone it touches... that gratitude is without measure. And from that heart space, I extend my hand to you...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Trusting Intuition... with Special Thanks to Reiki

Ever since I began practicing Reiki in January of 2011,  the innate intuitive abilities that had somewhat dulled over the years when I was not so deeply in touch with my spirituality have come gently back into my reality... and then some! There was a time just before I was introduced to Reiki where I knew I was ready to progress down my spiritual path, but I didn't know how to just "turn on" those deep knowings that I knew were still in there somewhere. I did a lot of energetic foot stomping, just wanting to know and be and do now, now, NOW! You know how well Spirit responds to impatience, don't you?? ;) Ha. It's like trying to push a river.

Wise words that haunted me during that time, yet still provided some frustrated laughter were:

Stop trying so hard; you're getting in your own way!

Oh, sweet patience. It has been a long few years navigating the lesson of patience, but boy has it paid off.

I digress...

So, these days, I am MUCH more patient. I have my moments, for sure, but when it comes to trusting Spirit, I have finally been able to simply ask for what I need (which is very often a prayer for guidance) and then sit back and allow things to unfold. (Okay, okay... sometimes I'm sitting back and doing some foot tapping and clock glancing, but you get the gist.)

And beyond asking for anything, it is the simple fact of remaining open to receiving intuitions from the Love and the Light that has made such a beautiful impact on my life of late.

NOTE: I always specify that I am open only to receiving from the Love and Light. I don't want any ol' spirit beings trying to come in and stir the pot. That can be very confusing and, in my opinion, is not spiritually healthy. Now, it is certainly possible that the Love and Light would wish for me to help a wounded spirit being, and I have done so... but that, to me, is different from being open to receiving messages from those who do not walk in the Light. I always ask the Love and Light to surround and protect me, and if I have any doubts at all about what I am receiving, I call in the Light with my whole being to be sure whether what is coming through is a part of it. Energies that are not of the Light will dissolve or retreat in its presence!


Last weekend was the "busiest" intuitive weekend I have ever had. Well, maybe besides the week or two after my uncle passed this summer and decided to follow me from room to room turning lights on and off! Love you, Uncle Bob:)

I give you three intuitive chapters in less than 24 hours:

I. Sweet Melissa
II. Mooney
III. "Lenore" (name changed for privacy!)


I. Sweet Melissa

So, Saturday started off with me taking my cats to the vet for some vaccines. No biggie. Driving down the road on my way there, I saw my old coworker and his fiance drive by. They have lived hours from my town for years now and, as it turned out, were only in town to pick up some of their things and a moving truck and move out of state. The fact that I saw them at all, far from the town center and just moments before I turned onto another road, was pretty unlikely. Sign from the universe #1.

My old coworker's name is Matt, and his fiance's name is Melissa, and later that evening, my husband and I were to be hosting a music night at our home. As they drove past, I thought, "We should play the song Sweet Melissa later." Universal energy nudge #2.

Cue music night chez moi: Our friend who is first to arrive sits to talk awhile before the rest of the crew gets there. He shares with me that his good friend has just passed away. We talk about the friend for a bit before I ask what his name was. The man's name was Matt. Yep. There's #3. At that moment though, I didn't think much of the connection. I just noted in the back of my head that, huh, I had just seen my old friend Matt earlier that day. What a co-inky-dink.

As the evening progressed, we played many songs and sang our hearts out. Then, my husband began picking out Sweet Melissa on his guitar. Oh, hello #4!

"Yeah!," I shouted. "I was thinking earlier that we should play this song when I saw Matt and Melissa driving down the road." Just then, our friend whose buddy recently passed said that hey, that was strange, because the mother of the deceased's children and the one who was with him when he passed is named Melissa. Aaaaaand we have #5.

And actually, the woman's parents know the Allman Brothers personally and named their daughter after the song Sweet Melissa. BAM. #6.

And, our friend went on to say that the Matt who passed was a real vagabond character. He led a gypsy lifestyle, and the words to the song Sweet Melissa describe this man to a T. I'll take #7, thank you.

We played the song, all of us a bit flabbergasted at the way the moment had lined up so that Matt's spirit could give a nod to his friend and ours.


II. Mooney

#1 - My mom sent me a link to the Montessori school I went to as a child. I wistfully poked around the website, even looking over the list of teachers to see if I recognized anyone. I didn't, but the name "Mooney" jumped out at me. I remembered that my parents had a cat named Mooney before I was born.

#2 - That evening, I gave a Reiki treatment to my mom over Skype. When the session was complete, I turned around to leave the room. There was a "new" hand-me-down dresser in a temporary spot in my room, moved aside from our main room since company was coming over for our music night and it was in the way. This was the first time I had seen the back of the dresser, and in large block letters across the wood was the word MOONEY.

(c) Haley Steinhardt

#3 - Our music friends came over for the evening, and one dear friend who is also intuitive told me that she saw an incredibly tall spirit woman standing guard at our gate. The moment she said this, I felt tears in my eyes. I feel so connected and close to the energy of this being! And when I think of her, I see the moon. I told my friend this, and she said that she was about to say the same... that this being is very connected to the moon. I tell my friend about seeing the word Mooney twice that day, and she says, "That must be her name; Mooney." Oh, and it was the night of the full moon. :)

#4 - The next day, I was weeding through email. I subscribe to a local list serv, and as I went to erase what I thought was an unneeded message, I saw the name Mooney in one of the posts just as I clicked the Trash button. I dug the message out of my Trash folder and went back to read what was in the Mooney thread. It was some info about chia seeds. Ummm... what???

#5 - Later, I was talking to my mom on the phone and she told me about this new healthy living practice she has undertaken. She rattled off a few food items... cabbage, onions, mushrooms, chia seeds... "Wait! What? Did you just say 'chia seeds?'" Maybe some of you talk about chia seeds all the time, but the last time I heard the word "chia" it came right before the word "pet."

Anyway, I'm still not 100% clear on what Mooney wanted me to see, but I have a strong feeling that it was all leading to me talking to my mom about her new healthy living practice. I lost 30 pounds this past year and have kept it off, but have plateaued there and have been looking for a next step. Could be this! Thanks, Mooney! ;)



#1 - I did a distance session on a client who was also open to receiving an intuitive reading. During the session, I made that a part of my prayer... saying that I was open to receiving any messages that Spirit had for this person. Well, I began to be bombarded with energies! I quickly corrected my prayer to ask that only messages from the Love and Light be allowed through! (See my NOTE above.) Clearly, there was a message or messages there, but it was too disruptive to receive them in that moment. I asked to receive them later, at the right time.

#2 - The next morning, I was in a lucid dream state and I heard my prayer from the night before in my head, saying I was open to receiving messages for this person. I then saw a shape that became a hundred-dollar bill. Next, I saw two letters LE... Le... Le... Le... LENORE. It became Lenore. (This was not, the client's name, by the way.) I wasn't really sure what the name meant, but I reported both "messages" to my client. The $100 felt like a positive sign that was separate from Lenore, we both agreed. And Lenore meant something very specific to my client.

#3 - Later that day, my family and I went for a drive. On our way home, my husband ran into the grocery store to grab a few things. While he was in there, I picked up one of his guitar magazines and began leafing through it... not something I make a habit of doing (maybe even a first, come to think of it), but it was just sitting there and I felt to pick it up. I saw an advertisement for a specialized guitar pick that I thought he would like and decided to keep the ad open to show him when he got back to the car. The minutes passed as I waited for him to come out of the store, and I just kind of zoned out and was staring at the ad. That's when I saw it. Right below the picture of the pick and embedded in the ad was the name: LENORE.

I made sure to tell my client! It wasn't up to me to figure this one out, but the universe was definitely making sure that I heard this one loud and clear.


All of the above happened in less than 24 hours time. Talk about a firestorm of intuitive info! That was a new one for me, for sure, but that 24 hours, along with several other meaningful and serendipitous events in my life right now have caused me to have ever greater faith in the universe, in trusting my intuitions, and in knowing that the Love and Light will always reveal Truth.

Pat yourself on the back... and here's a HUG from me if you've read this far. ;) And then, take a moment to be in your own heart and feel your own connection to the universe. If we walk in the Light and act from our hearts (NOT our emotions, but our HEARTS!), our paths will be gently revealed to us and Love will show is the way.

And that, my friends, is awesome.

What are some experiences you've had with intuition, recently or not? Please share in the comments section below! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

5 Steps to Healing from Negative Relationship Energy

Relationships are a key component of the human experience. Some relationships exist implicitly, such as those with family members or coworkers. Other relationships are sought out and forged by us as we travel along our respective paths, making friends and engaging with our communities. Whatever the context of the relationship, whether someone is set to be in your life forever, or they come and go with a quickness, you can help to keep the energy that exists between you healthy.

The following is an energy healing exercise I learned from a dear mentor of mine at A Place of Light in Massachusetts. This exercise can be used both for when you feel like you need to remove negative energetic connections with a person who is no longer in your life OR with someone who is still in your life with whom you have had (or are having) issues.

CLARIFICATION: This does not have to be someone you want to end ALL connection with, but rather can literally be used with anyone in your life with whom you have an ongoing negative energy loop. Sometimes this happens most with those nearest and dearest to us!

You may have heard the expression "cut the tape" or "cut the thread" in reference to severing ties with past traumas or negative/draining/unhealthy relationships. The problem with cutting or severing the energetic ties between you and another is that this only cuts the immediate connection while leaving either end of that connection still rooted in each person! Over time, that snipped strand can simply reform, as the roots of the energy still exist and grow out from both people.

In order to truly dissolve a negative connection, we must do more than pull out our energetic scissors. Try these steps and see if you can feel what a difference they make!

NOTE: Before you begin, find a safe, quiet place that you can sit or lie down and focus inward.

1. Close your eyes and think of the person with whom you have an issue. (The issue can be large or small; it need not necessarily be a deep trauma for this exercise to be effective, though of course it's great for that, too.) Allow yourself to focus completely on this person and your connection to them.

2. As you tune into this connection, notice where on your body you feel the energy. It may clearly be one place, or you may feel it in more than one location.

3. Once you have located a place on your body where you feel the energy is rooted, imagine yourself gently removing the entire source of this energy burden from your body. You may even physically use your hands to do this, imagining that your fingers extend energetically far beyond your physical hands and into your body to remove the unwanted energy and all its roots. Take your time doing this and doing it gently. As you pull the energy out, have the intention that it dissolves completely into the pure energy of Love and Light and harms no one or nothing.

NOTE: There is no need to use your hands in step 3, but do what feels right for you. You may also just recognize the energy blockage and ask that the source of all Love and Light remove it completely, and then smile and allow it to be so! :)

4. Once you sense that the negative energy and its root system have been completely removed, intend that the space left behind be filled up completely with pure Love and Light energy and then allow it to be so. Again, take time here. Let yourself be filled back up by the universal source of all Love! Once you sense that this spot has achieved balance, you can move on to the next spot, if any, associated with this same energetic connection.

NOTE: Do not move on to removing other negative energy connections on your body from other issues yet! Only if you feel that the energetic connection you focused on in step 1 touched your body in more than one location should you move on to that other location. To explore additional negative energy issues, wait until you have completed step 5 before returning to step 1.

5. After all the energy blockages and roots associated with this issue are gone from your body and each place is filled back up with Love and Light, turn your attention to the other person with whom you have (had!) an issue. While doing so, take the time you need to allow yourself to remain in a place of pure Love and Light while you observe this other person's energy. Begin to notice where the energy of the issue resides in the other person's body. Once you notice where the connection lives in them...

IMPORTANT: Ask permission!

Yes, I realize you are sitting or laying here in a meditative state, so how can you ask this person's permission? What if it's someone who isn't even in your life anymore? What if they are no longer living in a physical body?? It doesn't matter. Stay present with that Love and Light shining from your heart and your whole being and allow your energetic/spirit body to ASK their energetic/spirit body for permission to remove the blockage. Be patient with this, too. Allow the answer to come. It may come quickly, but it may not.

How can you tell what a "NO" feels like? This will come through in different ways for different people. In my experience, a NO feels like a sense of resistance or an energetic push back... any kind of energetic dissonance, really. When I feel anything at all that is not a clear openness to receive healing, I pause and wait. I imagine my energetic body holding out the offering of healing to their energetic body... doing nothing but offering... and I wait. Then, I ask again. It has been the rare case where I have ever gotten a repeated NO. Whatever that person might say to you with their physical body if you offered them healing, their highest self most often recognizes and accepts the need for healing. So, even if you get a repeated NO, consider trying again later. And if all you ever get is NO, you must honor where that person is at this time. It is not up to you to determine when they are ready; all you can do is allow the complete release of that issue's energy from your own body and offer their spirit the same. Give the issue completely to the source of Love and Light and ask that the healing be complete for both of you.

If you get a YES, gently intend for the source of all Love and Light to remove all the energy of that blockage in the other person's body, including all of its roots. Set your intention and shine the Love and Light from your heart as you allow the Love to heal the blockage in the other person. When you sense it has been removed, ask that Love and Light fill up the space left behind in that person, then sit back and smile from your heart and let it be so!

Ahhhhhhh... :)

BONUS STEP: Rinse and repeat for the next issue on your list! Check in with yourself about any other pressing issues that have taken root. Smile, and know that healing is possible. :)

P.S. Please read the comment section for info about how my own most recent healing went... and be sure to tell me about your experience!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Reiki Scam? BAD. Reiki Studio? GOOD!

Whew! What a week! It started out with me almost getting scammed by a couponing company who pretended to be interviewing me to be THE Reiki practitioner for the local VA hospital's medical staff benefits program. It wasn't until after the "interview" that they asked me for $200 up front and $40/month after that to advertise my Reiki practice on their website. Wow. Trying to scam Reiki practitioners is preeeeetty low.

But, there was a silver lining. When I actually believed for a hot minute that the VA hospital wanted lil' ol' me to be their on-call Reiki Master, I called up my amazingly fabulous contractor and scheduled the finishing touches on my studio renovation for the very next day. I needed that studio to be ready for the masses of clients I was about to receive!

So... womp wommmmmp... the VA hospital opportunity was a fake. But! I have faith that the universe had other reasons to nudge me over the line into readiness with my studio. Bring on the masses!!!! :)

And let's not forget CLASSES! I now have a perfect spot to teach and gather with folks interested in Reiki. I intend to start up an Asheville Reiki circle very soon, and will also be announcing a class schedule and starting to brainstorm about other spiritual workshops that I will be offering to the community in this lovely new space. Please get in touch with me if you'd like to stay in the loop for any or all of the above.

In the meantime, as promised, here are pics of my new space! Next stop... decorating:)

Live in the Light!


This is the door to my Blue Mountain Reiki studio. I love that the first image I took of it was "accidentally" (serendipitously!) overexposed. The Love and Light shining from this place just had to be seen:)

~ Entrance to Blue Mountain Reiki ~

Come on in! :)

I took out all the old, crumbly, cardboard drop-ceiling panels and replaced them with nice white vinyl ones. My contractor also donated some recessed lighting from the unwanted leftovers of another job, so now the ceiling doesn't have lonely light bulbs poking out of it anymore. Bonus!
The floor used to be old carpet on top of chipped up tiles. I ripped up the carpet and had self-leveling concrete poured over the entire mess of broken flooring. The blue paint was the final touch. I love it! :)

This is looking back towards the entrance. The studio has two windows, one on each of the main walls, and they let in a nice amount of light.

The bathroom is around the corner from the entrance (you can see the closed door just left of center in the photo). It has a brand new door, brand new ceiling, and brand new toilet.
Hard to get a good shot of the bathroom, but there's that new toilet! Yay for toilets that flush! Ha;)

This is the super-sturdy solid wood door that now exists between my studio and my laundry room. This fabulous door is what officially makes my studio its own, separate space. Pretty cool!

Look! It's me! In my new studio! AHHHHHH!!!!!! :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Reiki and Science ~ Not at Odds!

It is always a fun challenge to try and come up with fresh ways to talk with clients about Reiki. Personally, I find practicing Reiki to be my own way of meditating and connecting with Divine Love... but one doesn't have to believe in anything in order for Reiki to work and, as a practitioner, I have to be thoughtful about explaining Reiki in a way that doesn't turn more scientifically minded clients off.

This is one of many reasons I am so grateful for the ongoing scientific research that supports Reiki's effectiveness (click here for further reading). With studies steadily emerging to show that energy healing just works, and that it is provable in test after test, maybe the community at large can fully embrace it as a resource for their own health and well being.

A HUGE thanks to the scientific community members who have gone the extra mile to test Reiki in the field, and to incorporate it into hospital systems and whole-person health endeavors. May you all be blessed with a continuous flow of Love and Light in your lives!


(c) Haley Steinhardt

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Reiki, Fear, and the Sweat Lodge Ceremony

I had the great honor of participating in my very first sweat lodge yesterday! I have been lucky enough to be introduced to a local Native American traditional women's circle here in Asheville (special thanks to Anne Heck), and through my participation, have found a truly safe haven for my heart and soul as I walk my own spiritual path.

I will admit, I was quite nervous to experience a sweat lodge! I have long dealt with two deep-seated fears that have come up for me at very inconvenient times in my life: a fear of extreme heat (picture me wincing and jumping as I go to take brownies out of the oven) and a fear of being in confined spaces (think me in a crammed car on a long road trip, stretching arms and legs over and on top of my fellow passengers so that I feel I can breathe!).

In truth, these old fears have not reared their heads much in recent years as I have settled down and into myself and my connection to the energy of the world around me. But, I knew that I would be directly challenging these aspects by participating in a sweat lodge.

Even so, I was determined to do it, and the cradle of love and support these women provided was just the safety net I needed to allow myself to take this step.

We did four rounds, one for each direction, starting with the East in honor of the Spring Equinox and the rebirth of the year. The first round was very difficult for me. The hot rocks came in, the flap closed, and the water was ladled onto the stones... and as the steam rose, so did my fear. I laid down and pressed my face to the cool earth, breathing it in and shaking and crying, the prayers of the women around me filling my ears as I pleaded with God to purge me of this fear... tears and sweat washing over my face... finally reaching a place of just saying, "Thank you, God... thank you, God... thank you, God..."

...and when the flap lifted, I crawled out into the light, not knowing if I would return for the second round. The light washed over me...

(c) Haley Steinhardt

A bright yellow butterfly descended from the sky to dance right before my face... and I returned and crawled back into the lodge.

As the flap closed a second time, I crouched low, anticipating the fear. But as the steam rose from the honored stone ones, no fear rose in me. I cautiously allowed myself to sit upright and feel the full strength of the heat. And in that moment, I realized that I was unafraid. !!!!! What an amazing gift!!!!!!! I am tearing up now just writing this!!!!!!!!!!!

I sat in for all four rounds, growing in strength, and in that strength, being able to offer it to others as we all worked through the things we came to lay down in the lodge. There were many moments where I was called to send Reiki to the circle of women, channeling it round and round in an unbroken flow... and also to individual women as they poured out their hearts into that sacred womb turtle lodge.

I can say without hesitation that it was one of the most powerful and transformational experiences I have ever had, and I am eternally grateful to the women who physically and energetically supported me passing through another doorway along my path towards my highest purpose.

A Ho Mitakuye Oyasin!



Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reiki Benefits

What are the benefits of Reiki? I found this great little chart recently and wanted to share it with you all:)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reiki Q&A

ICRT Reiki Master Teachers Laurelle Gaia and Michael Baird share some poignant thoughts about what Reiki is and how they have experienced it. I particularly resonate with how Laurelle describes it as the energy of Divine Love:)

If you haven't tried Reiki yet, welcome to the new year... :) There is no moment like the present to do all you can to help yourself feel and be your best!

With Love and Light for all...