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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Reiki and Science ~ Not at Odds!

It is always a fun challenge to try and come up with fresh ways to talk with clients about Reiki. Personally, I find practicing Reiki to be my own way of meditating and connecting with Divine Love... but one doesn't have to believe in anything in order for Reiki to work and, as a practitioner, I have to be thoughtful about explaining Reiki in a way that doesn't turn more scientifically minded clients off.

This is one of many reasons I am so grateful for the ongoing scientific research that supports Reiki's effectiveness (click here for further reading). With studies steadily emerging to show that energy healing just works, and that it is provable in test after test, maybe the community at large can fully embrace it as a resource for their own health and well being.

A HUGE thanks to the scientific community members who have gone the extra mile to test Reiki in the field, and to incorporate it into hospital systems and whole-person health endeavors. May you all be blessed with a continuous flow of Love and Light in your lives!


(c) Haley Steinhardt


  1. The clinical studies report is so interesting, and is the only way, over time, of convincing the skeptics of validity. Great article!

  2. Agreed! I always say, you don't have to believe in anything for Reiki to work--it just works! But it sure is nice to have the scientific and medical community moving to support it. That just means more and more people can have access to an all-natural and completely safe healing tool:)