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Monday, March 11, 2013

Reiki By Donation ~ A Special Announcement

On the heels of a resounding success sharing Reiki at the Asheville Wholistic Integrative Fair, I am called to make a special announcement. Starting today, Blue Mountain Reiki will no longer be charging specific fees for Reiki sessions. Instead, I am moving to a 100% donation model for session work.

My Blue Mountain Reiki booth at AWIF
At the fair, I was blessed with an unending stream of those who wished to receive Reiki, some of them for the very first time. I left out a donation jar and invited anyone and everyone who stopped by to hop on my table for free. By the end of the day, practitioners all around me were breaking down there booths, and I was still doing Reiki. When I got home, I counted up my tip jar and found that the universe had provided me with EXACTLY the cost of my booth fee for the fair, plus five dollars--probably the approximate cost of my gas to get there!

WOW. I had been sitting with the idea of moving to a 100% donation model for Reiki sessions and had felt like the fair would be a good place for me to see how that worked. The universe spoke loud and clear: When I opened my heart and my hands to provide for people without any attention paid to money coming in, the energetic exchange was--practically to the penny--exactly what I needed.

This was the sign I was looking for! I am putting my faith and trust in the source of Love and Light that is truly the one offering the Reiki, and I am honoring my place in the energetic foodchain by offering my time as mirror, witness, and channel for healing without attaching a pricetag to that.

My teaching fees will remain as they are, but my heart has led me very specifically to open up my Reiki session offerings to any and all who wish to have them. Even those who cannot afford regular session prices still need and deserve healing. And so, I open this new doorway to the future of my practice by inviting each of you to honor our time together only with what you are truly able to afford and called to offer.

With TRUST in our innate ability to live in ABUNDANCE without clamoring for it...


Haley :)


  1. You are a beautiful person!

  2. A wonderful idea! You sure will be blessed 10-fold!

  3. Thank you for your kind words, Dhani:)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! I appreciate all of the positive feedback I am getting:)

  5. I have just set up an at home reiki 'business' and I too have made the sessions by donation. It feels so much more loving that way. I never want people to feel incapacitated by there ability to pay or feel they can't have something so beneficial and beautiful such as reiki due to their financial situations.

    1. It's a delayed response, I know! Only just found this page. ��

    2. Thanks so much for sharing, Christine! I agree... it is so nice to meet people where they're at and put the choice of offering in their hands. It really does bring a loving Truth into the exchange. :) Blessings to you and your practice!

  6. Hi Haley, are you still offering Reiki by donation?

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