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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Inviting Joy

Sometimes life can feel so hectic. In my own life, I wake up in the morning, drive my daughter to preschool, drive to work for the morning, go back to pick my daughter up from preschool, drive us home for lunch, drive back to work for the afternoon, then drive home again for dinner. From that point, I have about 3 hours with my family before my daughter goes to sleep. Once she's down for the night, I have to choose between doing laundry, tidying up, working on the book I'm writing, blogging on Blue Mountain Reiki, keeping up with my various social networking channels, or trying to relax and spend some time with my husband.

And this schedule is TAME compared to some of you out there!

Sometimes, I try to squeeze as many things from the above evening list in as possible... which means I am often up until after 1AM... only to wake up groggy to repeat the schedule the following day!

But, in spite of feeling like a whirling dervish half the time, I can honestly say that, more often than not, I feel joy in these moments. Of course, I have rough days like anybody, and I have my own personal ups and downs and issues that I struggle with... but the overarching reality for me is JOY and GRATITUDE.

Reiki has been a huge help in allowing this to be true for me. The very act of practicing Reiki is one that involves asking the ego to step back. This practice of essentially allowing oneself to engage with the energy of the universe without that internal voice of judgment is incredibly freeing. Even when I am not in the act of channeling Reiki for myself or a client, I feel that this energy is with me, encouraging me to see the world with an open heart.

There are so many things that we don't have a choice about, but inviting joy IS a choice. No matter how busy--or grumpy!--you are today or tomorrow or this week, find a moment to pause... and take a deep breath... breathing in gratitude for something (a smile from a stranger, a hard lesson you've finally learned, your morning cup of coffee--anything!), and breathing out all the self-judgment, frustration, anger, sadness, or anything else you've been trudging around with.

For at least this one moment, give yourself permission to stop carrying that weight.

With your breath in, pull energy up, through your feet, up the back of your legs, up your spine, and up over your head... then with your breath out, bring the energy down over your forehead, over your face and your neck, down over your chest, heart, stomach, and aaaaaall the way down your body to your feet and back into the earth.

Try it, even if just once. A deep breath, like Reiki, can only help.



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