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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Living, Breathing Beauty

Wow. All Honesty Here: It has been a tough couple of weeks. Being in touch with your spirituality... loving life... being an optimist... being a Reiki practitioner... none of these things means that one gets to be exempt from the more challenging aspects of life.

And here's where you might be saying, "DUH!" ;)

But, I bet some of you out there might be something like me and tend to put people up high on a pedestal for possessing traits or undertaking life practices that we greatly admire. Heartfelt admiration is a beautiful thing, but I have found many a time where I need to check myself and remember that those I admire are also just people... people with bodies in various states of wellness... people with relationships in various states healthiness... people who have to contend with whatever life throws their way, just like me.

So, yes. It has been a hard time for many of late. But the gift we are all given is the CHOICE of how we respond to the situations life presents us with. And it is a choice. Sometimes our instinctive reactions don't feel like choices, but they are; they're just choices we make very quickly and with only nanoseconds of thought put into them... combined with a lifetime of previous responses that provide us with a tendency. And ohhhh, to be able to negate some of those tendencies... a great goal, indeed, worth investing our time and energy in.

Thank God for Reiki! Reiki is the one thing I have found in my earth walk thus far that can truly quiet my mind and heal all parts of my self at the same time. It can be used to heal our past and send healing to our unfolding path as well as healing our present moments. What a gift.

And speaking of gifts, it was my honor to be the recipient of an intensive 7-day distance healing that ran from last Thursday through yesterday. As you may have already read on my page about distance Reiki, this means that the energy from that last session will still be unfolding and revealing itself through tomorrow or so... or even longer! Reiki does not play by the rules of linear time;). AWESOME.

So... story time: On day 5 of 7, I found myself purging a HEAP of emotion. It rose up in me so unexpectedly, while I was writing a truly mundane email to a coworker. I felt the Reiki opening up my heart wider, wider, WIDER, and felt the need to seek some privacy and do some hands-on Reiki on myself to soften my experience of it.

A little later that day, feeling raw and WIDE open... revealed... unhidden... I took a walk through downtown Asheville. I wound my way around to a quiet spot in a nearby courtyard and sat down on some stone steps. The air felt warm and still and perfect; the sun was shining. I found myself staring at an outdoor potted plant.

My mind felt so relaxed as I watched the plant, and suddenly I realized that I could see it breathing... see it's leaves drawing in the air and releasing it... see it's branches reaching in a slow, steady, almost imperceptible motion towards the sun, and towards the other plants nearby. There was no wind to rustle the leaves or sway the branches of this shrub; it was purely the energy of the plant that I was seeing as it created and willed its own movement! It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, and when I looked over to another plant... and another... I could see their living, breathing beauty as clear as day, too.

Life is all around us. There are things we can't control, things that challenge us to remain open... but what a gift when we find that, even in the face of hardship, we CAN. We can choose to leave room in our hearts for beauty to come in and fill us back up. And it feels so good. I am so very grateful.

May Love and Light flood your heart and spill out into the world for all to see...




  1. I admire you! I am sorry you're having a tough time. Your experience with the plant sounds amazing.

  2. I admire you, too:) And thanks. Hard times happen, but Reiki helps! Seeing the life force energy of the plants that day reminded me of the interconnectedness of everything, which made the hard stuff seem so much more trivial... another gift!

  3. Haley, this is beautiful. I love how you write - I just GET it. And I can't wait to talk to you about this distance healing, and what was happening that day... <3

  4. Thanks, K. Looking forward to sharing more with you about this, too. It felt a bit like walking around with my insides on the outside! ;)