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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reiki for Healing ~ Reiki for Transformation ~ Reiki for Acceptance

It is my belief that Reiki energy comes from the source of all love and light. I don't pretend to know the name or shape of that source, but I am comfortable calling it God, or Great Spirit, or True Source, or any number of beautiful, meaningful names that we humans have chosen to give this massive force of goodness. 

Over the past week or so, I have called on this Great Spirit to fill me with love and light so that I may be a clear Reiki channel for many in need, including myself. There have been several deaths in my community of people, and several hospital visits and hospital stays on top of that. 

So, how can Reiki help us to cope with illness, injury, and death?

As far as illness and injury go, many people are familiar with the fact that Reiki is great for helping with pain management and stress reduction, both of which can, in turn, give the body a break and help encourage it to heal itself. Reiki is a wonderful gift for those who are suffering. 

But what about death? Can Reiki help us grieve? I believe it can. To me, Reiki would not exist without the love and light of the True Source of All. Allowing that love and light to fill us up creates a safe space within our hearts for grief to be released. 

One of the services I love to offer is Grief Transmutation. In this ceremony, I use Reiki to bring healing where it is needed, to dissolve any negative energy surrounding the grief and transmute it into the strength to create a safe, loving space for each individual to feel their grief, find acceptance with it, and release it in their own time.

I also believe that we can send Reiki to those who have crossed over... send the intention for them to be enveloped in love and light, and to know that it is okay for them to go and be in the light.

I am thankful to be able to offer Reiki to spirits in every stage of being, from birth to death and beyond. The Source of Love and Light is boundless... limitless... and I am filled with that energy each time I practice Reiki. What a gift for me, and what a gift to share. Beautiful.





  1. Love this. Wow. I am fascinated.

  2. Thanks for your comment:) I love it, too, and am constantly in awe of the amazing power of the energy of Love...