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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Exciting Times at Blue Mountain Reiki!

Whew! It has been a very busy and happy start to the year here at Blue Mountain Reiki! As I reflect on this now, here on the eve of my 33rd birthday, I am immensely grateful for the Light that is flowing into my life and to this practice. I find myself pausing in moments to marvel at how beautifully this is all unfolding. Just another reminder to myself to TRUST THE PROCESS and allow the healing to come into being! Wow:)

My class schedule is up and running, and January's class time was truly wonderful. I've got a February class coming up here in Asheville, and am waiting to announce March and April dates, as I may be holding a Reiki I only course in Florida in March.

Additionally, Blue Mountain Reiki hosted its first Reiki Support Group just last weekend. We had an amazing turnout for this event, and I am so excited to see what kinds of Reiki community events and volunteer efforts we are able to create together in 2013! If you are interested in participating in our next gathering, click here!

I have also been receiving some wonderful feedback about my recent article in Reiki News Magazine. This was a truly joyful endeavor for me, and it is an honor to be included.

January is not even over yet, and so very many wonderful things are happening and in the works. May this beautiful energy flow strong and clear in the year ahead! Sending Reiki for joy and abundance to each and every soul reading these words who wishes to receive it...




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